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    Unhappy Content Advisor

    Afternoon: I'm running IE6 with the SP1. How do you permanently disable the Content Advisor? I made the mistake of going into it and checking it out I keep selecting "disable" and it will stay disabled until I reboot the PC, and then IE figures I want to enable it, so of course it does. Is there anyway to keep it disabled? thanks very much Allen

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    Go to Start > Run.

    Type "regedit" (without quotes) and hit enter.
    backup your registry first by selecting File > Export and saving it to a folder of your choice

    Navigate to the following string HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\policies\Ratings

    Click on the Ratings folder,and in the right hand pane look for the Binary value named "Key".Right click "Key" and select delete.

    Close Regedit.
    Your original Content Advisor password is now deleted.

    Reboot your machine and open IE.

    Go to Tools > Internet Options.On the Content tab,click the Disable button.(You will need to enter a password).

    Content Advisor should now be permanently disabled,until you wish to Enable it again.
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    Thanks very much, as always you've been a great help

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    A fre tool to solve the problem

    OK, it's a really old question, but I found a tool that gets rid of content advisor in a flash without using regedit. Anyway here's the lowdown:


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    it didn't work for me

    i tried editing the reg (renaming, deleting, etc), disabling advisor, downloaded different browsers and made them default, but still didn't work. in fact, when i edited reg then i couldn't get online at all. had to reinstall xp. none of it works, altho i've read about others who said it did for them.

    don't know what else to do until someone figures out how to neuter xp/ie6 so u can go where u want. i'm bout ready to put 98se back in, where i can manipulate it at will.

    to be honest, i've had nothing but trouble ever since i installed xp. uncle bill likes to control everything, and it's no wonder ms has been sued so much.

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