Microsoft is enticing gamers with a $400 entertainment bundle that will include the Xbox 360 250GB video-game console, the Kinect motion sensor and one game. The bundled Kinect-ready Xbox is the slimmer, glossy black console introduced in June at the E3 game conference. The console, which includes built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi, costs $300 by itself.

Microsoft said Wednesday it plans to release the bundle Nov. 4 with the "Kinect Adventures" game. The bundle will hit store shelves the same day the Kinect is released as a standalone product for $150. Microsoft also plans to release 15 Kinect games for $49 each.

The latest Xbox-Kinect bundle is the second announced by Microsoft. In July, the company said it would offer the Xbox 360 4GB model, the Kinect hands-free sensor and "Kinect Adventures" for 300. The Xbox 360 4GB console, which was released Aug. 3, costs $200 alone.

Microsoft plans to debut the Kinect in Japan next week at the Tokyo Game Show; the scheduled for release in Japan Nov. 20. The Kinect and Xbox 360 250 GB bundle is available for preorder Wednesday through

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