MySpace on Wednesday unveiled a revamped site with a focus on entertainment and content rather than subscriber-driven profiles, pulling in social elements that are more akin to Twitter and Foursquare than rival Facebook.

MySpace has faced tough competition from Facebook; the News Corp.-owned site has about 100 million users compared to Facebook's 500 million. MySpace acknowledges as much with Wednesday's revamp, saying pointedly that "previously MySpace was people-focused, now the focus is content."

Though personal profiles still exist, MySpace focused much of the upgrade on content distribution the latest updates on celebrities, bands, TV shows, and movies rather than what your high school lab partner had for breakfast or photos from that weekend BBQ.

There is a focus, however, on presenting real-time data. The new MySpace welcome page will constantly update as the latest news "bubbles up across the beta site," MySpace said. Once a user is signed in to MySpace, the site will display information based on that user's preferences.

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