The Mozilla Foundation has released a sort of non-profitís annual report, "The State of Mozilla," which provides a glimpse under the covers of the popular browser and e-mail provider.

The report also updates Mozillaís plans for the mobile world. Firefox for the Android operating system will be available "in a few months," according to the report, which noted the Firefox 4 Beta was designed to appeal to end users as well as developers.

While Mozilla didnít release specifics, it said it has designed a prototype of an "Open Web App ecosystem" that hints at creating an open app store platform that wonít be device-specific.

"The current app model also has traits that threaten some of the characteristics that have made the web so vibrant a platform, particularly in the mobile space," the report states. It went on to note that its prototype app ecosystem includes "a system design, technical documentation and examples of what such a system would look like and work like."

Full story: InformationWeek