Asus is going to market with a new tablet device that serves both as a digital notepad and an e-reader.

The Eee Note EA800 officially unveiled on Tuesday is 11-mm-thick and weighs 520 grams, with an 8-inch, 768 x 1024 pixel grayscale display.

Like the Eee Note tablet device the company introduced in August, the EA 800 runs the Linux operating system and includes a stylus for note-taking along with a built-in 2-MB camera, a 1-Watt speaker, a headphone jack, and a voice recorder.

The device features a monochrome, ultrasensitive touch screen designed for handwritten notes and sketches that can withstand up to 256 levels of pressure. It also offers support for a range of file formats including txt, doc, PDF, as well as PNG images and MP3 audio. These features suggest Asus is targeting the education market even more with this device than with its tablet predecessor.

The Eee Note EA800 comes with 4GB of internal storage and can add up to 16GB more with its micro SD card slot. Asus says the 3700mAh battery can last up to 13.5 hours when wireless is disabled and up to 10 hours with Wi-Fi 802.11b/g wireless turned on.

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