Toshiba plans to launch its 12-inch glasses-free 3D TV in Japan tomorrow, The Wall Street Journal is reporting.

According to the Journal, which sat down with Toshiba's head of TV operations, Masaaki Osumi, the company also plans to offer the 20-inch version of the set to Japanese customers starting Saturday. In addition, Osumi told the Journal that Toshiba plans to offer a 40-inch glasses-free 3D TV as early as April, the beginning of the company's new fiscal year.

Toshiba first unveiled its 3D TVs in October. The company's Regza 12GL1 boasts the 12-inch display and comes with a 466x350 resolution. The Regza 20GL1 has a 20-inch display and features 1,280x720 resolution. When they were first announced, the 20-inch and 12-inch sets were expected to retail for about $2,900 and $1,400, respectively. No U.S. availability has been announced.

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