Leaked images of purported cases for Apple's iPad 2 - or whatever the successor device will actually be called - have hit the news site 9to5 Mac and the trading site Alibaba. However, don't run over there expecting to see exactly what Apple's to-be-announced product might look like.

Why's that? An unnamed company has allegedly contacted said sites with takedown notices for the case pictures. And according to Padgadget, which spoke to a company involved in Apple's supply chain, the reasoning behind the takedowns is that the leaked images are "extremely accurate" based on what the actual design of the iPad 2 allegedly is.

The iPad 2 - again, based on the leaked pictures - looks as if it will run with a contoured structure in a manner similar to Apple's rectangle-to-curves redesign of the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. As well, expect to see tapered edges on the iPad refresh. The iPad will gain a larger rear speaker and, more importantly, a rear-facing camera. While it might appear silly for one to hold up a giant tablet device to take a giant picture, camera support is certainly one feature that iPad owners (or wannabe owners) have been clamoring for throughout the year.

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