LAS VEGAS - Ford on Friday unveiled the Ford Focus Electric, the company's first-ever all-electric passenger car.

Ford CEO Alan Mullaly unveiled the new car during a keynote presentation here at the Consumer Electronics Show. He said the Ford Focus Electric is "a great step forward in electrification."

The zero-CO2-emissions, gasoline-free Ford Focus Electric will be available later this year and is one of five new electrified vehicles Ford will deliver by 2013 in North America and Europe.

It can fully charge in three to four hours using an at-home, wall-mounted 240-volt charge station. Ford has partnered with Best Buy and its Geek Squad for charging station purchases and installation. Ford is also teaming up with Microsoft to offer value charging, which will allow users to charge their cars at the cheapest utility rates. The Focus Electric's onboard charger converts AC power from the electric grid to DC power to charge the car's liquid-cooled/heated battery pack.

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