While Microsoft may have put the kibosh on the first jailbreak for the Windows Phone 7 platform, another one is on the way.

Developer Julien Schapman, speaking to blog Winrumors, outlined his plans to release a Windows Phone 7 "Device Manager" that will let users do things like side-load applications, explore the phone's file system, add custom ringtones, and manage applications. In other words, a handful of things the device does not currently offer out of the box.

Schapman said the software would be released following Microsoft's first software update, which is expected next month, so as to keep Microsoft from closing the loophole which is being used for the unlock. Schapman also said that his solution gets around one of Microsoft's built-in security measures, which would phone home to verify the software, and re-lock the software if it found any differences. This check occurred every two weeks, forcing users to re-run the unlocking software each time it happened.

Full story: c|net