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    I've another problem with my beloved laptop.

    It freezes and the screen turns pink. Sometimes it freezes and after 10 minutes or so, it'll shut down by itself and restart. However, when it restarts it's just a black screen and it doesn't even load up the Dell logo. Then it may either restart again on its own or if I'm fed up, I'll restart it myself by pressing the start button.

    It seems to take a long time to restart and often the picture becomes grainy before it settles.

    I've done:
    1. AntiVir in safe mode and ordinary Windows XP mode;
    2. Spyware;
    3. Malware;
    4. Started doing MSRT but it froze.

    There's nothing wrong with it AV etc wise.

    I've done a F12 diagnostic test and it says 'Pre-boot assessment complete. No diagnostic utility partition identified. Please select ok to reboot your system'.

    I'm using Windows XP. It's an ex work laptop, so I can't go into Control Panel, Performance and tools.

    Any suggestions please?

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    Sounds like a faulty connection with the ribbon connector that links the video to the screen. It might be loose or damaged.

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