Nvidia on Tuesday launched the GeForce GTX 560 TI mid-range graphics card, a product Nvidia says will rival AMD'S Radeon HD 6950 GPU, code-named Cayman.

Based off of the GF 114-based GPU, the GTX 560 is the follow-up to the GeForce GF-104-based GTX 460 card that launched in July. Justin Walker, Product Manager for Nvidia's GeForce product line, said the GTX 460 was one of Nvidia's best gaming GPUs to date and that the GTX 560 TI, which is based on an upgraded version of that GPU, builds on its success.

"The GTX 560 TI will bring a completely unrivaled amount of performance to this price point as well as a fantastic Direct X 11 upgrade," Walker said. "We'll also have overclocked versions of each of these cards."

Like the GTX 460, the GTX 560 TI includes two Graphics Processing Clusters (GPCs) and Streaming Multiprocessors (SMs), 32 ROP units, and 256-bit memory width. However, it includes 384 CUDA cores compared to 336 on the GTX 460 and 64 Texture Units compared to 56 on the GTX 460. The graphics clock now runs at 675 MHz compared to 822 MHz on the GTX 460, and the memory clock runs at 1,644 MHz, up from 1,350 MHz on the GTX 460 card. The GTX 560 TI includes 1 GB of GDDR5 memory, the same as larger versions of the GTX 460.

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