came up with a good marketing idea in its battle against Apple's iTunes, but it worked almost too well as execs vastly underestimated the sheer might of Lady Gaga fans.

In an attempt to drum up interest in its new Cloud Drive digital music storage service, Amazon on Monday offered Lady Gaga's new album, Born This Way, for just 99 cents.

As a bonus, the cloud storage limit of anyone who bought the album yesterday was upgraded to 20GB. That upgrade normally requires the purchase of a full-price album or a $20-per-year subscription.

The one-day-only sale proved to be a little too much for Amazon's system.

Lady Gaga fans have taken to Twitter to complain about slow downloads or a completely stalled system.

Someone identified as Bowenventure tweeted, "Monsters don't like technical glitches! Unfortunately, it is affecting her album rating and Amazon's reputation!"

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