Following Western Digital, Toshiba announced today that it's now shipping its first 1TB standard 2.5-inch, 9mm-thick internal hard drive for laptops, the MQ01ABD series.

This is the company's first 2.5-in internal hard drive that's based on the 500GB-per-platter technology that offers the areal density of 744Gb per square inch.

Previously, most high-capacity 2.5-inch internal hard drives came in the new 12.5mm thickness standard and therefore are not compatible with most laptops and other applications.

The new drive comes in capacities from 250GB to 1TB, features SATA 2 (3Gbps), and spins at 5,400rpm. Toshiba says the MQ01ABD drive is ideal for notebook and compact desktop PCs and mobile workstations. It can also be used in other applications such as gaming consoles, DVR set-top boxes, and external storage.

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