Google has refused requests to remove MP3 Music Download Pro, an extremely popular Android app which allows users to download copyrighted music onto their phones, according to the RIAA.

The app, which highlighted Thursday, is now the fifth most popular free app on the Android Market, jumping past Google Books in a single day. Other free apps on the Market, such as Easy MP3 Downloader and MP3 Music Download Super, also advertise the ability to "search and download free music & lyric[s]".

A representative of the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) told that MP3 Music Download Pro is clearly being used for piracy, similarly to software like Kazaa and LimeWire, both of which folded under the weight of industry lawsuits. (Kazaa later relaunched as a licensed service.)

"We sent a takedown notice to Google in August for this particular app, which is clearly being used for illegal purposes, and Google responded that they were declining to remove it from the Android Market," the RIAA spokeswoman said. "We continue to have concerns with Google's screening and takedown procedures and hope that they will be improved."

Full story: PC Magazine