Microsoft is to deliver the Windows 8 experience on hardware such as ATMs, kiosks, point-of-sale-terminals, thin clients and other kit, in an update that will also start to link such devices with back-end cloud services to drive better business intelligence.

The company disclosed details of its Windows Embedded roadmap on Monday, showing that the next release of the platform will be based on Windows 8, bringing key technologies such as the Metro user interface, gesture control and voice control input to embedded systems.

Microsoft has committed to delivering embedded versions of Windows, codenamed Windows Embedded, as soon as possible after the mainstream version is released, according to Lorraine Bardeen, Windows Embedded business lead for EMEA.

This means that the upcoming version of Windows Embedded Enterprise, essentially the full Windows platform repackaged for embedded applications, will be available one quarter after Windows 8 ships. Windows 8 is widely expected to arrive sometime in the autumn of 2012.

Bardeen confirmed that the release will include x86 and ARM-based versions of the platform, as with the mainstream version of Windows 8.

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