Mozilla said Monday that the Windows 8 "Metro" interface will require the browser maker to concoct an "entirely new" Firefox environment for the revamped OS.

"The feature goal here is a new Gecko based browser built for and integrated with the Metro environment," Mozilla said as part of a product vision and roadmap update released today.

As detailed by Microsoft, Windows 8 will include the "classic" interface that's similar to Windows 7 and "Metro," which resembles the tiled Windows Phone interface. Adding Firefox to Windows 8 classic will be a "simple evolution," but adding it to Metro will require "a new Firefox front end and system integration points."

Mozilla has not yet determined if that front end will be built in XUL, C/C++, or HTML/CSS/JS.

"Firefox on Metro, like all other Metro apps will be full screen, focused on touch interactions, and connected to the rest of the Metro environment through Windows 8 contracts," Mozilla said.

Full story: PC Magazine