Microsoft yesterday added its Office suite to Windows 8's online store, the first non-Metro application to be listed in the e-mart.

The move tipped how Microsoft will promote traditional x86/64 desktop software through the Windows Store.

Rather than offer Office 2010 as a download direct from the new app store, Microsoft simply provided a link to its already-active download-and-purchase Office website.

Unlike Metro apps, which will be available for purchase when the full Windows Store goes live later this year, desktop programs will not use the e-market's integrated buying and delivery technology.

Microsoft's developer agreement made that clear.

"You may submit an app description for one or more desktop apps to the pre-release version of the Windows Store," the App Developer Agreement, last updated May 31, reads. "Notwithstanding anything else in this agreement, you understand that Microsoft will not offer any desktop apps through the Store and only Metro style apps are made available through the Windows Store."

By "offer" Microsoft probably means app sales and fulfillment.