Suspected LulzSec members Ryan Cleary and Jake Davis have pleaded guilty to involvement in attacks on several high profile agency and company websites, according to the BBC.

The two admitted to the offences in court on Monday, but Ryan Ackroyd and the other unnamed 17-year-old suspected member were both reported to have pleaded innocent to the charges.

A Crown Prosecution Service representative stated that they could not confirm or deny the suspects' pleas when contacted by V3.

LulzSec rose to prominence as a group in 2011 after claiming responsibility for an attack on Sony. The groups later embarked on its "50 days of Lulz" hacking rampage.

The campaign saw the group target several high profile organisations and companies including the UK's Serious Organised Crime Agency (Soca) and the Rupert Murdoch owned News International.

Other suspected high profile LulzSec victims include the NHS, Sony, Nintendo and 20th Century Fox.