Samsung will offer three different choices to people interested in buying a desktop computer equipped with a redesigned version of Windows going on sale this fall.

The personal computers previewed Tuesday by Samsung at a technology conference in Germany provided one of the first glimpses at the Windows 8 machines scheduled to hit the market on Oct. 26.

Windows 8's release has been widely anticipated because it's Microsoft's most dramatic overhaul of the operating system in at least 17 years. It's also coming out at a time when PC sales have been slowing as more people rely on smartphones and tablets to surf the Web.

Microsoft Corp. reprogrammed Windows 8 so it looks and works more like the touch-based systems on mobile devices. The three new Windows 8 desktops from Samsung will come with a high-definition touch display.

Several other major PC makers are expected to unveil their Windows 8 product lines in the upcoming weeks.

Samsung Electronics Co.'s Windows 8 computers for the desktop will have suggested prices of $749, $1,099 and $1,699 depending on the size of the storage drive, the amount of system memory and the size of display screen.

All three models will run on Intel Corp. processors.

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