Microsoft this week provided details on the upgrade schedule for its Windows 8 apps.

Apps within the new operating system will be updated much like the mobile apps on your phone. "The Store tile will notify you when updates are available, and you can open it and click the updates link in the top right corner to see the list and install the ones you want," Gabriel Aul with Microsoft's program management team wrote in a blog post.

Microsoft this week started updating the apps that were included in the release to manufacturing (RTM) version of Windows 8 so they are ready for the Oct. 26 general release of the OS.

First up was Bing, which got an overhaul on Friday, including: richer search results for local content and images, Bing rewards integration, the ability to use zoom on your search results to see related queries, and the option to select an image from Bing to use on your lock screen or in your other apps.

Other apps will also be getting a boost in the days leading up to Oct. 26, including SkyDrive, which will get search functionality, the ability to rename and move folders and files, a new first-run experience, and custom sort order.

On the mapping front, Microsoft said its Maps app will include Bird's eye view, maps for more than 3,000 indoor venues, driving navigation hints, improved navigation and layout, improved customization, and integration with Bing and Travel apps.

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