HTC Windows Phone 8 and Nokia Lumia 920 owners have taken to forums looking for answers to a vexing reboot problem. Pages worth of complaints have sprung up on Microsoft and Nokia's forums web sites, as well as that of WPCentral.

The problem, which has the device rebooting at random several times per day, seems to affect the HTC 8X more than the Lumia 920. Some users report as many as four to five reboots every 24 hours.

Based on the forum posts, some users are seeing the reboot problem when using Bluetooth; others report trouble when using the native Facebook application. Yet others claim the reboot problem relates to the HTC Hub application, and some believe it is related to the NFC functions of their device.

Some device owners who've deleted the Facebook app claim that their devices no longer reboot.

So far, HTC and Microsoft have remained mum on the user complaints, but Nokia has acknowledged the issue. Nokia said it has received "reports of a small number of people experiencing this unusual performance on their Nokia Lumia 920." Nokia believes the problem can be traced back to applications and not the device's operating system.

"We are investigating but suspect some apps may be at the root of the issue when left running in the background," said Nokia. "While we learn more, we advise people when finished with an application to navigate away using the back button to ensure it is no longer active."