Microsoft today provided some more details on the revamped controller that will come with the new Xbox One console, which execs said will be more precise, immersive, and comfortable.

Larry Hyrb, director of programming for the Xbox Live network, teased the new controller earlier this week with a Vine video that showed it creeping up on the old one. Today, he and the Xbox team broke down what Xbox One gamers can expect from updated controller.

First up are the impulse triggers, which are possible due to the controller's four vibration motors - one behind each trigger - that bring things like gunshots, car crashes, and explosions to life.

"For example, in Forza Motorsport 5, Turn 10 Studios is using impulse triggers to provide players with precise feedback that enhances the racing experience," the Xbox team said in a blog post. "If your tires break traction from over-acceleration or if you drift on the gas pedal, the triggers emit very distinct vibrations. This is combined with the chassis rumble that conveys impacts, engine roar and driving over surface irregularities like cobblestone."

The team also promised better audio for in-game communication, which "will be in many cases clearer than talking on a phone," they said.

New thumbsticks, meanwhile, are smaller and more precise. "Competitive gamers will be pleased to hear the sticks require 25 percent less force to move, allowing you to adjust your aim in a first-person shooter or execute a half-circle sweep in a fighting game faster and more accurately," Hyrb said.

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