Next time you host a soiree, you can collect photos of the event from your guests in one album on Facebook.

The social network has added shared photo albums so people can throw photos from an event or of a common subject into a single spot. The new shared album feature, first reported by Mashable, is rolling out to English-speaking users of the social network but will eventually be available around the world.

When you create a new photo album, there will be a new button that says "Make Shared Album." Click and add up to 50 other people you want contributing to the album. Each person can upload 200 photos for a maximum of 10,000 images in a single shared album. Every contributor can tag, edit and give captions to the photos they add.

The album's creator can decide who sees the photos by setting the privacy settings to just contributors, friends of contributors or public.

You can only add individual contributors. There's no option to open an album to your entire network or base one on a specific shared gathering such as a concert or sporting event. You can open up the floodgates a bit by allowing your friends to add anyone else they like to an album.

"Hundreds of millions of photos are uploaded onto Facebook each day and today, we're making it even easier for friends to share photos with the rollout of Shared Photo Albums," the company said in a statement