Maybe people are listening to Microsoftís demand that they ditch Windows XP.

According to metrics company Net Applications, Windows XPís user share plunged to 33.7% of all personal computers in August, a record-setting one-month fall of 3.5 percentage points.

When XPís share of only those PCs that are powered by Windows was calculated, the decline was slightly sharper, from 40.6% of all Windows systems in July to 36.9% in August, a drop of 3.7 percentage points.

However itís measured, XPís plummet was dramatic. The decline easily bested XPís previous record of a one-month slide set in December 2011, the month after ĒPeak PC,Ē the industryís high-water mark and when Windows 7 was quickly gaining ground at the expense of XP.

XPís loss was made up by other Microsoft operating systems, the one-year-old Windows 8 and the four-year-old Windows 7, with the gains split 2-1 in favor of Windows 8.