Amazon kicked off the shopping season early with a week of deals leading up to Black Friday. The e-tailing giant vows to update deals as frequently as every 10 minutes in what it calls "Black Friday Week." Deals are time- and quantity-limited, many displaying visual timers on the preview page that switch colors to a bright red when the deal is close to closing.

Amazon's Black Friday Week sale features tablets, desktops, soundbar speakers, and unlocked phones for 20 percent off or more; and HDTVs, laptops, digital cameras, and wireless and Bluetooth speakers for 30 percent off or more. Expect games, home theater equipment, external hard drives, and iPad cases for 40 percent off or more and other electronics for 50 percent off or more. You'll also find watches, outdoor equipment, movies and DVDs, sporting equipment and entertainment products.

If you're looking for gaming, you've come to the right spot. Amazon Black Friday deals for gaming include Xbox 360 consoles for 10 percent off or more, controllers for 25 percent off or more, gaming headsets for 25 percent off or more, and PC gaming accessories for 25 percent off or more. As for games, expect 30 percent or more off PlayStation 3 games, Xbox 360 games, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3SD games. You'll also find gaming desktops for 20 percent off or more, gaming laptops for 20 percent off or more, solid-state drives for 40 percent off more and digital games for 50 percent off or more.

Amazon isn't limited to tech for holiday shopping promotions. Expect up to 60 percent off women's jewelry, men's accessories, and kitchen and dining items. You'll also find toys starting as low as $10.

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