Microsoft is re-releasing its latest Surface Pro 2 firmware update today. Following issues with the update last month, the software maker pulled it to investigate and correct the problems. Initial reports revealed failed installations and battery issues in instances where the update was successful. Today's firmware update appears to replace the existing version released in December, and is being offered to systems with or without the previous version. The Verge can confirm the firmware update is rolling out today, outside of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday which occurred earlier this week.

While the Surface Pro 2 firmware update is rolling out, Microsoft has not yet updated its history page for the device to acknowledge the change. Earlier this week Microsoft released a Surface Pro firmware update for its original tablet, with improved support for the new Touch and Type Cover 2 devices. Today's out-of-band firmware update for the Surface Pro 2 also follows a similar software patch earlier this month for Microsoft's latest ARM-based tablet. Some Surface 2 owners had reported issues booting their tablets due to a BitLocker device encryption error, and Microsoft released a fix outside of its monthly Patch Tuesday process to address the issues.

The Verge