Hewlett-Packard has begun heavily promoting its Windows 7 PCs over those that run Windows 8, the newer but far less popular version of Microsoft's operating system.

The Palo Alto tech company recently updated its website to showcase computers running Windows 7, saying the software is "back by popular demand." HP is also enticing customers to buy Windows 7 PCs by promising savings of as much as $150 over purchases of PCs with Windows 8.

Additionally, HP has been emailing customers with Windows 7 promotions, and in its online store, the company promotes Windows 7 machines more prominently than it does those running Windows 8.

The new online marketing strategy may be a sign that HP has given up on Windows 8, which Microsoft rolled out in 2012.

Windows 8 was the most radical change to the operating system in two decades. Microsoft chose to optimize the software for touchscreen devices, but the change may have been too great. Windows 8 has failed to catch on and failed to boost PC sales.

Although many who use Windows 8 say the operating system is an improvement over its predecessor, the software has a perception problem that may be too big for Microsoft to overcome.

That's why the company is rumored to be working on a new version of Windows that is expected to be more similar to versions of the software released before Windows 8. However, it may be a few months before Microsoft makes an official announcement.

LA Times