Gamers worldwide are increasingly favouring their iPhones and Android smartphones over Nintendo 3DSís and Playstation Vitas, according to a new report.

Both Apple's iOS App Store and Google Play experienced a surge in app store game revenue in 2013, vaulting them ahead of handheld consoles for the first time ever.

Combined, iOS and Google Play spending on games was three times the amount of the game-optimised handheld market in the third quarter of 2013, according to the report by market intelligence firm App Annie.

"Smartphones' ease of use, low price point (due to subsidies), and multi-functional use as gaming and primary communications device have given them a ubiquity across a broad demographic that portable consoles will never have," said Marcos Sanchez, VP of corporate communications at App Annie.

"Add apps that are fun and engaging, and that deeper penetration can equate to big dollars for game app developers.Ē

The Telegraph