A father has issued a heartbreaking appeal to Facebook asking for his dead son's, one-minute Look Back retrospective video ó and received an "overwhelming" response. A media report said that Facebook is giving the mourning father a chance to see his son's Look Back video.

In a message he filmed himself and posted to YouTube on Wednesday, John Berlin from St Louis, Missouri said "he just didn't know what to do anymore" after repeated efforts to contact the social media site. Facebook has marked its 10th birthday by setting up an application which produces personalized films for each user.

Berlin said his son Jesse died on January 28, 2012, and with Facebook's policy of removing a person's account once their death has been verified, he can no longer access his son's account.

In the video, an emotional Berlin says: "I'm calling out to Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook. My son passed away January 28 2012, and we can't access his account. I've tried emailing but it ain't working. All we wanna do is see his movie. I don't even need to get on his account. If you guys could just do it yourself I don't care."

The Times Of India