Microsoft has responded to strong sales figures for rival Sony’s PlayStation by slashing the cost of its Xbox One console to £399 and including a yet-to-be-released game.

Last week Sony announced that it had sold 5.3 million PS4s by February 8, ahead of the console’s launch in Japan last week. Microsoft had only sold 3.9 million Xbox consoles as of January 24.

Currently the Xbox One costs around £429, but the company has now announced a cheaper package deal that bundles a console, Kinect sensor, controller, headset, one month of Live Gold and a copy of Titanfall for £399.

The bundle goes on sale on February 28 but customers can pre-order online from today. It will be a limited time offer, with an undisclosed number of bundles being made available for sale. Once they have run out the console will continue to be sold for the new, lower price of £399.

Harvey Eagle, UK marketing director for Xbox, said: “What it will do is open Xbox up to more gamers and make it more affordable. I’m very happy with Xbox where we are at the moment. We’re completely committed for the future.

“We’re currently at the start of our journey and we’re currently in 13 markets around the world and that’s in comparison to PS4 that’s in 49 markets around the world. We’re just a few months into the generation that’s going to last for many years to come.”

The Telegraph