Popular torrent tracker Torrentz.eu has returned online, a day after the UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit (PIPCU) got its domain name suspended.

According to TorrentFreak, the Polish registrar ‘Nazwa’ revoked the domain name after receiving a strongly worded letter from the British authorities, delivered as part of Operation Creative. It restored access after the website’s legal team explained that the request to suspend the domain was unlawful.

Nazwa is not the first registrar to resist orders from London: last year Mark Jeftovic, CEO of the Canadian hosting company EasyDNS, vocally refused to comply with a request from PIPCU. He suggested that registrars who complied with such requests may have actually violated ICANN’s domain transfer policies. This viewpoint was later confirmed by ICANN itself.

PIPCU, which was established in September 2013, claims to have helped close down at least 40 websites accused of facilitating copyright infringement. The unit works closely with the media industry and international colleagues like the Department of Homeland Security in the US to tackle issues ranging from trade in counterfeit merchandise to illegal sharing on torrent websites.

The unit has been criticised for threatening domain name registrars into suspending websites suspected of infringement, without any legal basis to do so.