Facebook could be about to break its own terms and conditions after a report suggested that it is developing a standalone app that will allow people to anonymously upload posts.

The move, if true, marks a sharp move away from Facebooks existing rules that require people to use their real names when signing up for an account on the site.

The mobile app is reportedly being developed to allow people to use Facebook, but without using their real names. According to the New York Times, which cited two people briefed on Facebooks plans, the app is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

The project is reportedly being led by Josh Miller, a product manager at Facebook who joined the company when it acquired Branch. His team has been developing the standalone mobile app for the past year.

Social networks that allow users to post or discuss potential sensitive issues have become increasingly popular of late. Websites such as Secret and Whisper for example allows members to share gossip without revealing their names or profiles. In the US, these sites first became popular with Silicon Valley staffers, who used it to anonymously share information about developments within their own tech firms.

The large online Reddit community also allows its users to sign up without their real names.