Microsoft has included the Graphics Software, DirectX 12 in the Windows 10 update. The company has also shared some details about the DirectX 12, which has been the most intriguing features of the new OS. The DirectX 12 has been associated with many uncertainties, and since the announcement of the update, it has been in news all the more. However, the company’s executives have tried to fix some notions about it in a recent company event.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer, the developer of Xbox, claimed that the upcoming version of the DirectX 12 will be superior to its successors. He said that the graphical features of both the new OS, as well as the DirectX 12 have always created doubts in the users’ minds. He added that it was a common conception that for the DirectX 12 to be enjoyable, users must have powerful graphics cards. But it is not so- users do not need to update their graphics cards to enjoy the DirectX 12.

The company said that it is working in collaboration with some hardware manufacturers to build GPUs such that they could support the DirectX 12. Microsoft is still not ready to give away a lot of details of the DirectX 12, but ensured that it is working to build the next generation GPUs. Among the many companies, it is working with include AMD, Intel and NVIDIA.

Microsoft claims that the DirectX 12 will take gaming experiences to an altogether higher level. With the current Graphics Cards, the software will work to its full potential but will still enhance users’ experiences significantly. In this context, Spencer also highlighted that the company has improved some key features in this version as compared to the DirectX 11. He said the new version will have 50% more power efficient performance.

The software giant plans to roll out DirectX 12 exclusively with the new update of its OS.

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