A Microsoft official yesterday said the company would pick up the pace of updates to Windows 10 Technical Preview, which has not been refreshed since Jan 23.

The tempo since Windows 10's debut last October has been slower than some expected. On Thursday, Gabriel Aul, engineering general manager for Microsoft's operating system group, reacted.

"Still considering new rings, but for now we've decided to try to increase pace of Fast, and that means letting people know first," said Aul in a tweet. The same day, he recommended that the most bug-leery testers should switch to the 'Slow' ring.

By "rings" Aul meant the update cadences Microsoft maintains for Windows 10's preview, currently either "Fast" or "Slow." The former, updated more frequently, is less polished, while the latter should contain fewer new features and fewer bugs.

Aul's tweet was a follow-up to a blog he authored Monday, when he acknowledged the questions from users about the lag since the last update and explained why Microsoft does not reveal release dates.

"We're debating right now about whether we should simply adjust the speed/risk balance of the Fast ring or whether we should create a new ring for people who really want the fastest pace possible," Aul wrote.

His subsequent tweet yesterday settled that choice, at least for the moment, on the former.