Sky always likes to keep things fresh with its EPG and it's added a number of new features that should help make the service even more usable.

For a start it has now added the option to delete a series of recorded shows, as well as deleting only the episodes you've seen. That's actually a very helpful feature, and will really help in the quest to free-up storage on your box.

There are also access to trailers for upcoming movies on the service. This might help you decide what you do, and do not, want to watch on Sky Movies. Family settings will also hide all adult content from the EPG, as well as block 12+ rated content from being played before the watershed.

Also there are new accessibility features that Sky has developed with the RNIB to make the EPG much more usable, through high contrast displays, for anyone who has reduced sight.

The company has also improved power consumption, by switching your box off between 2:45 and 5:45am - unless you have a recording scheduled, of course.

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