Data from analyst firm Slice Intelligence found that 957,000 people in the US pre-ordered an Apple Watch on Friday, the first day the watch was available for sale.

And according to data from 9,080 online shoppers, the firm revealed that each Apple Watch buyer ordered an average of ‘1.3 watches’, spending on average $503.83 per watch. Those ordering an Apple Watch Sport spent $382.83 per watch and those ordering the Apple Watch spent $707.04.

Unsurprisingly, it seems that many of those pre-ordering the watch were ardent Apple fans, with 72 percent saying that they had purchased an Apple product in the past two years, and 21 percent had also pre-ordered an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus following their release last September.

11 percent bought all three devices, in addition to their new watch.

As expected, the lowest-priced Apple Watch model, the Sport, was the most popular amongst shoppers, with 62 percent opting for this design.

Most consumers (71 percent) also opted for the larger 42 mm case, which cost slightly more, with Sport buyers slightly more likely to choose the 38 mm case, with 32 percent purchasing the smaller version, versus 24 percent of Apple Watch buyers.

However, it seems that many Apple Watch buyers invested in the pricier case but opted for a cheaper band, with more than one third adding a basic $49 black or white Sport band.