Acer has unveiled a desktop PC whose parts are designed to be fitted together like building blocks.

The idea behind the Revo Build is to make it easy to customise a computer without having to unscrew parts of its body to install new components or connect it to other kit via cables.

A series of pins at the top and bottom of each part allows them to be stacked and connected together.

The concept echoes an approach others are taking to mobiles.

"Various companies have modular phones in the works that will allow you to snap on extra features," commented Chris Green, at tech consultant at Davies Murphy Group.

"Google has Project Ara and there's some interesting start-ups as well.

"It's logical to extend the idea to desktop PCs. A modular PC for a gamer would be perfect as it would let them add in extra capabilities without having to get their hands dirty.

"They currently have to crack open the case and fiddle around with cables and wires."

Mr Green noted, however, that the introductory base units had relatively limited processing power - they initial choice will be between Intel's Celeron and Pentium processors rather than its Core family of chips - which might limit their appeal to gaming enthusiasts.

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