Microsoft is bringing its newfound love of user feedback to the Xbox app for Windows 10, with a beta version launching later this month.

The app will be called Xbox Beta, and will launch through the Windows Store. Microsoft hasnít given a specific release date, nor has it said which features will be available at first.

Before the launch of Windows 10 in July, users were able to test the work-in-progress Xbox app through the Windows 10 Insider Preview. Now that the new operating system is widely available, it makes sense for Microsoft to break out a separate test version of its Xbox app. That way, gamers can try new features without having to use an unstable version of Windows.

While Microsoft has a long history of publicly testing programs such as Office and Windows before an official launch, the idea of ongoing preview or beta tracks is fairly new. Still, theyíre necessary as the company switches to more rapid feature updates in many of its products. In addition to the Windows 10 Insider Preview, Microsoft also offers a preview program for its Xbox One and Xbox 360 software.