Han Solo never needed the Force to save the day, and in real life, Harrison Ford needs little more than his recognizable mug to reduce fans to shrieks of joy and tears. The veteran "Star Wars" actor recently surprised fans by popping into the frame during a Skype call and some of the reactions are priceless.

The fans were all also donors to the Star Wars: Force for Change charity fundraising campaign who had been asked to hop on a video call for a chat with the campaign organizers at Omaze. After being asked about their devotion to the Star Wars universe, Ford wandered into the frame to the inevitable shock and delight of all the fans.

Ford is devilishly funny in the stunt, walking into the frame right as one fan had just revealed that her favorite character is not Han Solo, but Padme Amidala.

"Who's your favorite character?" Ford asks as he Skype-bombs the conversation, sending the woman on the other end of the call into tears almost instantly.