Online encyclopaedia Wikipedia has marked its 15th birthday with a list of the most edited pages on the site.

The English language version of the site, which anyone can edit, has more than five million entries and has been edited around 808 million times.

A page about former US president George W Bush has attracted the most attention with 45,862 edits since its creation.

Britney Spears, Adolf Hitler and a list of programmes broadcast by Asian TV channel ABS-CBN also make the top 15.

At the end of Wikipedia's first year, the most edited entry was about Creationism - the religious belief that life is a divine creation - with 179 edits, noted Jeff Elder and Ed Erhart from the Wikimedia Foundation in a blog post.

To date the entire site has been edited 808,187,367 times by Wikipedia's vast community.

The most edited story of 2015 was a page about notable deaths - but the second, an obscure page titled "geospatial summary of the High Peaks/Summits of the Juneau Icefield" was edited more than 7,000 times by one person.

Full list of top 15 most edited Wikipedia stories:
◾George W Bush (45,862 edits)
◾List of WWE personnel (42,836)
◾United States (35,742)
◾Wikipedia (33,958)
◾Michael Jackson (28,152)
◾Catholic Church (26,421)
◾List of programmes broadcast by ABS-CBN (25,188)
◾Jesus (25,084)
◾Barack Obama (24,708)
◾Adolf Hitler (24,612)
◾Britney Spears (23,802)
◾World War II (23,739)
◾Deaths in 2013 (22,529)
◾The Beatles (22,399)
◾India (22,271)

Founder Jimmy Wales recently told the BBC that Wikipedia had a difficult birth.

"The first version of Wikipedia was called Nupedia," he said.

"It was very top-down, very structured. I beat my head against the wall for two years, I knew the system was too complicated, but I didn't want to fail."

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