Typically forward-looking Apple is making a bid to extend its product line by taking a cue from its past.

The company unveiled the iPhone SE Monday, a poorly kept secret executives described as "the most powerful 4-inch phone ever." The phone starts at $399, or $17 a month without a service contract. Orders start March 24 and the phone will become available March 31.

The iPhone SE features the same processing power of the flagship 6S, which is double that of the iPhone 5S. It also packs the same graphics capability of the 6S, and includes a 12 megapixel iSight camera.

Apple took a similar retro approach for its newest iPad Pro, shrinking the business-focused tablet to a 9.7-inch diagonal size that echoes that of the standard iPad. The differences include a display that is superior to that of the standard iPad, with increased contrast ratio and a 40% less-reflective screen than an iPad Air 2. It is also 25% brighter. The device will go head to head with Microsoft's Surface Pro.

Prices for the new iPad Pro are $599 (32 GB) and $749 for 128 GB device. There's is also a $899 version with a massive 256 GB capacity.

Both the new iPhone and iPad have an improved ability to sense ambient light and reduce screen glare accordingly. Researchers have determined that looking at bright screens late at night can impede deep sleep.

In other product news, Apple announced Siri integration for Apple TV.

USA Today