WhatsApp has been around for a while and the company has been good about bringing out features that its user base is clamoring for. One of the big features that WhatsApp users have been requesting for a long time is the ability to make video calls within the app. WhatsApp has announced that after lots of requests it is bringing video calling to the mix.

An exact ETA on the video calling feature isnít offered by WhatsApp, all the company has stated about video calls is ďin the coming days.Ē We do know that video calling will come to Android, iPhone, and Windows Phone devices and that users of the app will be able to make calls across platforms. That means if your friend is on an iPhone and you use Android, you will still be able to video chat.

WhatsApp says that it is bringing video calling to the masses because at times text and voice chats arenít enough. The company says that its video calling features will be usable by anyone, even on older and slower phones and in countries where cellular service isnít the best.