On Thursday, Instagram added two-factor authentication to the photo- and video-sharing social network, increasing security measures for its 600 million active users.

You can activate two-factor authentication by going to your settings and turning on the feature.

Twitter, Facebook and Google already offer two-factor authentication.

After the security measure is activated, Instagram provides five backup codes in case you don't receive the text messages with the authentication code and automatically saves a screenshot of the codes onto your device.

Two-factor authentication is a tool to prevent somebody else from taking over your accounts. Someone trying to break in using your password alone might be stumped after failing to also have the security codes, which get sent to your phone or email address.

The extra log-in step means your account can't be hacked just because your password has been exposed.

Along with the password security update, Instagram added content filters for pictures and videos that have been marked as sensitive content. People who want to see that content must tap on the filter.