In the hope of making it as easy to use as possible, Facebook has given its Messenger app a makeover.

The app's home screen has been reorganised, with a top bar showing new tabs for Messages, who is Active, and favourite Groups, as well as a bottom bar for Home, Calls, the Camera button, People and Games.

The new look Messenger will be rolling out worldwide on iOS and Android this week.

In a release announcing the update, a spokesperson for Facebook said: 'Messenger is about people and how you connect with the people you care about - whether that's chatting with a group via text and stickers, sharing your Messenger Day, making calls via video or voice call, or interacting by playing a game.

'As messaging has evolved from text to richer forms of communication, Messenger has introduced new features to support that shift.

'Today's update puts the many ways people connect on Messenger front and centre.'

The new home screen is organised around making Messenger the central hub for connecting with both people and businesses.

All the current features are still there, but have been reshuffled to make it faster to find what you want.

Daily Mail