The iPhone X went on sale around the world on Friday, drawing crowds and long lines as Apple fans patiently waited to get their hands on the very best iPhone money can buy.

And spend money they did. The iPhone X (that's pronounced "ten" not "ex") just scrapes in under 1K in the US and UK, with a starting price of $999 and 999, respectively.

But in Australia, one of the first countries in the world to start selling the device, that price goes up to AU$1,579. And if you want the larger 256GB capacity, you'll spend a whopping AU$1,879 (that's $1,149 or 1,149 in the US and UK).

This second launch, which comes more than a month after the launch of the iPhone 8, is the latest wrinkle to the annual gathering of Apple fanboys, gadget enthusiasts and publicity seekers. Apple's decision to stagger the launches presented consumers with the dilemma of buying the more readily available iPhone 8 immediately, or holding out for the supposedly supply-constrained iPhone X.

To the people who showed up today, there was no question which iPhone won out.

They turned out in droves, despite (or maybe because of) early murmurings of production delays and reports that Apple might only ship half the number of devices it originally planned.

For many, it's the only way to get the device on launch day, with pre-orders for the Nov. 3 shipping date selling out in as little as 10 minutes. Now, customers are facing delays of up to six weeks to get the true flagship Apple phone.

At Apple's flagship Australian store in Sydney -- the first store in the world to sell the new iPhone -- lines formed early, with early birds queuing since the start of the week to be able to walk straight into the store on Friday to buy the phone.

For those that had pre-ordered, the wait was much more civilised, with buyers queuing from Friday morning to pick up phones they'd bought as soon as pre-orders opened on Oct. 27.