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Thread: FTP Help

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    FTP Help

    im a noob at this FTP Stuff and im learning how to force it to my will lol, but i need thsi to work through my firewall so leave mesaage for more details, im using Win.Net 32Bit Enterprise server for the FTP server,

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    with a little more info I think Big Booger can help ya out.


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    You have two issues to solve. The first is to get your connection configuration setup accomplished on your FTP program. The second is to allow the FTP program to pass throught the firewall.

    I have used WS_FTP-LTE with ZoneAlarm for several years. Both work well together and both are free. If you are using one or both of these I can provide detailed setup instructions.

    If you are not using WS_FTP and ZoneAlarm, I am sure other members can assist with the programs that you are using.

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