Google has unveiled plans to enable emails that are capable of updating their content automatically.

The company claims to be developing a programming system that can generate emails that continuously update and provide new information when it arrives.

While this technology is still in the early stages, Google claimed that it could change the way people send and read emails. For example, if you book a holiday in the coming future, you could be sent a booking confirmation email that automatically updates travel and accommodation information.

These plans are part of the the Google accelerated mobile pages (AMP) project. Headed up by Aakash Sahney, it is intended to speed-up web page response times, although it has been claimed that it is also a self-serving initiative that will only further cement the company's dominance of the internet.

"Today, we're bringing the power of AMP to email through the Gmail Developer Preview of AMP for Email a new way for developers to make emails more interactive and engaging," said Sahney.

He said the software will make Gmail more user friendly: "With AMP for Email, it's easy for information in email messages to be dynamic, up-to-date and actionable."

Up until now, AMP has been presented as a concept project. However, the technology will make its way to Gmail soon, although Google has not released a roll-out date yet.

At the moment, the AMP email software has been designed specifically for companies that use email marketing to reach out to customers, but the capabilities are expected to be expanded in the coming months.

The company explained that other email platforms will be able to integrate the technology. It confirmed that Pinterest and are among the first companies to test AMP for Email.