You'll now be able to try out Android games before buying them.

Google on Monday rolled out Google Play Instant in its Google Play store. You can tap on one of the games listed and play it without having to buy or download it first. Some of the initial games include Clash Royale, Words with Friends 2 and Final Fantasy XV.

Google also said it has redesigned its Google Play Games app with an "Arcade" tab to show game video trailers. New tags like "New" or "Action" make it easier to find a particular type of game. Google also said it will show users news and YouTube videos related to their favorite games to "boost your skills and become a game master."

Games tend to be some of the highest-downloaded content on mobile devices. Google noted in its blog post that the number of Android users who installed a game in the last year has more than doubled. But it's also a competitive field where one hit can make or break a company. Game developers, like other app makers, can struggle to bring attention to their latest offerings. Offering a way for users to try them out before downloading could help boost the number of users.