Talisman is a replacement for Windows Desktop and shell replacement. You can build any interface for your computer. Talisman hides the standard desktop of Windows. Place any number of icons, buttons, pictures or other objects. These objects can have any form or dimensions. All objects can run external programs or internal shell commands. The number of forms (desktops) is not limited. Any screen object can be set to switch from one desktop to another. All settings and pictures are stored in a theme file. You can even make many themes and use objects with links to go from one theme to another. You can add HTML-pages and Flash movies to the desktop and add sounds to different events. It supports 32bit WindowsXP icons of any sizes from 16x16 to 128x128 pixels. It is posible to create different "zoomer" objects from such icons and to place the icons of different sizes on desktop.

Changes in Current Version:
New commands
Fixed bugs


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