Here's some new Acer BenQ CD-R firmware updates for the following Drives:

Acer (BenQ) CRW2410MR vU.FT
Acer (BenQ) CRW4816PI v6.EZ
Acer (BenQ) CRW4816A v9.GH
Acer (BenQ) CRW4012A v1.GE
Acer (BenQ) CRW4012A v1.FG
Acer (BenQ) CRW4012A v1.KB
Acer (BenQ) CRW2410MR vU.CU
Acer (BenQ) CRW4816P vA.UZ
Acer (BenQ) CRW4012P vV.RW
Acer (BenQ) CRW3210P vB.RW
Acer (BenQ) CRW2410A vP.QJ


[i]source: W2S

I don't know if any of you TZ'rs have an ACER drive, but if you do it is always a good idea to update it to the latest firmware. As always be careful when doing it because selecting the wrong firmware can in some cases render your drive useless.